Akhil Turai

Founder & CEO

Space Science LLC

Hi, and thanks for your interest in Space Science!

I was a starry-eyed kid who grew up to be an aerospace engineer. I guess you could call me a rocket scientist. (That sounds more impressive than it is.)

I’m also the entrepreneur behind Space Science Academy™, launching 2-22-22 as the first project of my U.S.-incorporated Space Science LLC. The New Space Generation is emerging and they’re the ones who will not only take us to the stars but who will use the sciences to protect and preserve our Planet Earth. Space Science Academy will provide career-oriented coursework, training, hands-on experience, mentorships, and competitions to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s space science workforce.

Space Science has fascinated me since I was seven years old. Stephen Hawking was (well, is) my hero, and his book A Brief History of Time changed my life. When I finally got to meet Stephen Hawking at a conference in 2017, I told him that I wouldn’t let him down—I would help educate the world about space science.

A year later I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. And since then I’ve pursued just about every space-related experience a person can have without leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

I’ve trained in a flight suit as an astronaut at U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL. I’ve gotten to know NASA scientists and astronauts—several of whom will contribute to the course curriculum and mentorships at Space Science Academy. And today I’m more enchanted with space science than ever!

My dream is for every young person who’s interested in science to have access to knowledge about astrochemistry, astrobiology, space architecture, space law—stuff that we should be teaching in high school or even junior high. I want them to know there’s a career waiting for them in the space sciences.

I want every kid to understand that space science is fun. It’s fascinating. And it’s our future!

Yours in orbit,

Akhil Turai

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